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Mission Statement

Riverside Elementary Mission Statement

Our Mission:
Riverside Elementary staff, in cooperation with parents and community, educates each student regardless of race, culture, gender, socio-economic status, or learning needs; we ensure academic, social, and personal success by providing a safe, supportive, challenging, and meaningful learning environment.

Our Vision:
At Riverside Elementary, parents and staff work together to:

  • engage students by establishing high expectations and involving them in meaningful learning opportunities that honor diverse backgrounds and cultures and develop critical thinking skills.
  • ​inspire students in a safe and nurturing environment by celebrating their progress and accomplishments, and guiding them toward their personal best.
  • ​ensure students are ready for their next challenge by promoting competency, responsibility, and confidence in their home, school and community.

Our Commitments:
As professional educators, we will commit to:

  • maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for each student through collaboration and accountability as professional educators.
  • ​create and support a positive and caring school environment in which all children and adults feel welcomed, respected, and trusted.
  • create meaningful and innovative experiences in learning that accommodate different learning styles and develop a high level of critical thinking skills.
  • encourage students to be confident, educated, and productive community members in a diverse and dynamic world.
  • provide a learning environment which is safe, orderly, engaging, and inspiring.
  • provide open, honest, and timely communication with parents, students, and community members.
  • ​model life-long learning by continuing to pursue opportunities for professional growth and development.

Riverside Elementary Mission and Vision Statement